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Cream, soufflé - this is the name of a light confection of French origin based on whipped yolks. Souffle can be an integral part of some confectionery, or a completely independent dish. More details about soufflé...Often soufflé is called cream, and vice versa. Usually, cream means something that is not baked, but can be brewed. At the same time, the creme brulee is baked. Many therefore call this product creme soufflé. The soufflé recipe usually consists of making the two main components of the dish, which are then combined. These are whipped yolks with various ingredients, and separately whipped proteins. I must say that making soufflé is one of the pinnacles of confectionery art. Here you will need accuracy, accuracy and patience. But home soufflé cannot be compared with shop soufflé. Bird's milk cooked at home is the most delicious! But there is also chocolate souffle, apple souffle, curd souffle. The recipe with the photo will show you how to make cottage cheese souffle, apple souffle and other homemade souffles. Photos reveal all the subtleties of their preparation. If you want to bake soufflé, you will have to stock up on small refractory molds. They bake soufflé in the oven, soufflé in the slow cooker can also be prepared. From the high temperature, it rises, but after a while it falls, maintaining its airy consistency. "Soufflé, " by the way, is translated from French: "breath, " "breath. " But soufflés aren't always baked, often making soufflé cake cream, and then rinsing them with the cakes. There is another option for how to make soufflé - with gelatin. Dairy products are usually used when making soufflé: milk, sour cream, cottage cheese. The famous bird's milk cake is prepared just with the help of gelatin, which freezes to give the cake shape. In this case, you will not need baking at all if you are making such soufflé cakes. Recipes with photos will show you how to cook them step by step. Even an inexperienced cook can make a soufflé cake with a photo.