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Rice porridge

Rice porridge is a recipe for a tender and hearty breakfast. Sooner or later, each hostess thinks about how to cook delicious rice porridge, how to make rice porridge crumbly, how much to cook rice porridge. More details about rice porridge... Cooking rice porridge has its own characteristics, as rice quickly absorbs water. How to make rice porridge? To get a viscous rice porridge, the proportions are as follows: 1 parts of the water are taken for 4 part of the rice. Rice porridge with raisins or rice porridge with apples turns out to be very tasty. The recipe "rice crumbly porridge, " such as rice porridge with meat, recommends using less water and, before boiling rice porridge, thoroughly rinse the rice in running water. If you like cereal blend porridge, you'll definitely like millet-rice porridge.

On our website you will find many options for how to cook rice porridge. And recipes with photos of rice porridge will tell you how to cook rice porridge correctly so that it looks not only tasty, but also appetizing.