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Porridge is a dish of boiled cereals or other seeds. The recipes for porridge are diverse, but there are two options for how to cook porridge, or two consistency of porridge - crumbly porridge, which is more often served as a side dish, and liquid porridge, or, as it is sometimes called, "smear." More details about porridge... What porridge do not happen: pea porridge, pearl barley porridge, wheat porridge, barley porridge, corn porridge, rice porridge, semolina porridge, oatmeal porridge (herculean porridge), buckwheat porridge, millet porridge, pumpkin porridge. Although using the name pumpkin porridge is not entirely correct, because pumpkin in this case is only one of the ingredients. A more correct name, for example, millet porridge with pumpkin.

Calorie content of porridge, as a rule, is high. The least calorie is semolina porridge, a recipe on water. But milk porridge is quite high in calories: millet porridge on milk (134Kkal), semolina porridge on milk (110Kkal), rice porridge on milk (98Kkal). The benefits of porridge are determined for each individually. Someone needs iron, and the most useful porridge for it is with a high iron content, for example, buckwheat porridge. Baby porridge is a separate topic. Today, children are recommended to give ground buckwheat porridge, rice porridge. But the popularity of semolina fell significantly. Maybe because many parents do not know how to cook semolina properly. Remember, on half a liter of liquid - three tablespoons of semolina. It is better to cook semolina porridge on milk, but you can mix water and milk to reduce the calorie content of porridge. The recipe for semolina porridge will be the favorite recipe for your matured child if you add raisins, nuts, dried fruits, cinnamon, vanilla to porridge.

If you want to know how to make your porridge tasty, take our advice. Firstly, the best dishes for making porridge are cast iron. Although porridge in a slow cooker also has the right to be cooked. Secondly, if you want real crumbly porridge, fry the grits before cooking. Thirdly, you need to salt water, and before you fill the cereal in it. Fourth, the ratio of water to cereals is usually 2:
1. That is, for example, if you chose the recipe Buckwheat porridge, the recipe Millet porridge, the recipe Rice porridge, you will need 4 glasses of water and 2 glasses of cereals. If you are interested in pumpkin porridge, the recipe here is a little different, because you will have to cook pumpkin first. By the way, the pumpkin porridge recipe can be varied for your taste by including a little cinnamon, vanilla or raisins. Tasty porridge!