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The side dish is just an addition to the main course. The word "garnish" comes from the French "decorate, fill." But sometimes a delicious side dish can overshadow both meat and fish. If you are interested in the question of what to serve on the side dish, then out of more than three thousand recipes for the side dishes, you will find something to choose. And recipes for side dishes with photos will help you serve them beautifully. Choose! More details about the side dish...Garnish can be prepared for any main course, so there is a side dish for meat, a side dish for fish, a side dish for chicken, a side dish for rabbit. As a rule, vegetable side dishes and cereals are used. There is a complex side dish and simple. The answer to the question "what to cook for the side dish? " lies in the main dish you're going to make the side dish for. Vegetable side dishes are most suitable for meat. These are potato side dish, bean side dish, courgette side dish, cabbage side dish, cauliflower side dish. Therefore, if you want to cook a side dish for pork, a side dish for lamb (for example, a side dish for kebab, a side dish for chops, a side dish for steak, a side dish for liver) - feel free to cook vegetables. The recipes for side dishes for meat are varied, as they say, for every taste, but we advise you to make grilled vegetables. But, in principle, vegetables in any form combine very well with meat. For example, a good side dish for meat in French is a vegetable mixture of brocolli, green beans, carrots. In addition, you can prepare such an original side dish as a pumpkin side dish for meat.

Porridge can be a lovely side dish, too. Buckwheat for a side dish, lentil side dish - a tasty and familiar side dish for cutlets or a side dish for meatballs. But the side dish for cabbage rolls, as a rule, is not needed. But rice is most often used on the side dish, recipes for proper cooking of rice play an important role to make a tasty side dish. There are several options for how to make rice for a side dish. Depending on whether rice is preferred to crumbly or porridge, different varieties of rice and the option of its preparation are chosen. How to cook rice on the side dish? Our tip: For 1 serving of rice, use 2 serving of water. Pour the rice into the boiling salted water and, stirring occasionally, cook it for about 20 minutes, and then rinse the rice. If using steamed rice, do not rinse. In addition, crumbly rice is prepared in a pan - first the grains are calcined, and then water is gradually added. We also want to remind you that rice side dishes are, first of all, a side dish for seafood. Rice is perfect as a side dish for shrimp, a side dish for fried fish, a side dish for semga. But rice for meat will not be bad either.

If you don't know how or which side dish to make, recipes and tips from our readers will help you successfully and tastefully cope with this task. You can find a wide variety of side dishes, recipes with photos and other secrets of a delicious table.