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Sweet orange jam

Orange jam is unconventional, fragrant and healthy. More details about orange jam...It sounds a little strange, but if you think about it, if there is some kind of fruit, then you can make jam out of it. If there are oranges, then you can make orange jam from them. The recipe with the photo will show you how to cook orange jam. Looking ahead, we note that in fact there are many options for how to make orange jam: there are orange jam, orange jam with and without zest, thick and liquid orange jam. Photo with comments will tell you how to cook orange jam. But first you need to choose which orange jam you will cook.

Orange jam with peel has both an acidic-sweet orange taste and an aromatic hill of crust. If you're a real aesthete, make curl orange crust jam - such orange snail candied jam looks amazing in both a jam plate and a pastry. The recipe for orange jam is pretty simple, you only need sugar syrup and oranges. Pour chopped oranges with syrup, add zest if you choose a recipe for orange cake jam, and cook several times, then twist into jars. This is how orange jam is prepared for the winter. If you are the lucky owner of a gadget called a slow cooker, be sure to make orange jam in the slow cooker, it simplifies the cooking process. A quick orange jam of five minutes can really be boiled in 5 minutes, but it is better to store such jam in a cool place. Spices are sometimes added to orange jam, for example, cinnamon, vanilla, cloves. Very original to taste and healthy - orange jam with ginger. To give additional taste, other fruits are added, for example, orange-lemon jam is prepared.