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Sweet jam

Jam is the most natural dessert, obtained by boiling fruits, berries and even vegetables with sugar. Traditionally harvested for the winter. More details about jam...What homemade jam does not happen: raspberry and orange jam, cherry jam, nut jam, strawberry jam, apricot jam, apple jam, plum jam, pear jam. . . There are hundreds of jam recipes on our website: pumpkin jam, rose jam, lemon jam, currant jam, tangerine jam, walnut jam, orange jam, plum jam - all and not to list. . . The calorie content of jam, of course, is considerable. Those who want to lose weight, jam is better to see only in the photo or in the picture. But sometimes. . . Just a little. . . A couple of spoons. . . After all, it is not for nothing that even Birthday is called - Jam Day. . .