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Custard cream

Delicate and simple custard is used to decorate cakes or as a cake filling. Cooking custard is simple, but requires extra attention. A simple recipe for napoleon custard, chocolate custard, sour cream custard or condensed custard - the recipe can be found for every taste! More details about custard... How to make custard? The classic recipe is custard on milk and eggs. You can also make custard on yolks, without proteins. At the end of cooking, oil is added, although custard without oil is also good. If you don't know how to make waffle tube custard or eclair custard, the recipe will tell you that the filling cream should be thick. But a cake custard, such as a napoleon custard, honey chef custard or sponge custard, is made more liquid to soak the cakes. The custard recipe on milk in this case is prepared without adding thickeners. There is also a budget recipe for custard for cake - custard without eggs (recipe with flour or manka).

If you're left with questions about how to make custard, the video recipe will tell you all the rules for how to cook custard. A recipe with photos and detailed instructions will always help a novice cook. From the recipes of our site you will learn how to make custard classic. The step-by-step recipe will describe in detail how to make custard in the microwave, how to cook custard recipe for biscuit, how to make custard for custard cakes and, of course, how to make custard for napoleon properly.