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Fermentation of vegetables and fruits allows you to store these products for a long time, preserving their benefits. In addition, when fermenting or urinating, vegetables and fruits acquire a completely different taste and aroma. More details about fermentation...Homemade sauerkraut and other vegetables not only save money on their purchase, but also cook sauerkraut, tomatoes to your liking. Finally, some simply enjoy sauerkraut for the winter. Recipes will tell you how cabbage sauerkraut, tomato sauerkraut, carrot sauerkraut, apple sauerkraut, beet sauerkraut occur. The recipe for fermenting white cabbage invariably enjoys the greatest interest. Sauerkraut is quite simple to cook, well stored, tasty and there are many options for how to eat it. The methods of sauerkraut sauerkraut are different, there are two options like sauerkraut - cabbage and shredded. It is also important what cabbage is used for sauerkraut. Almost all varieties of cabbage can be used for sauerkraut, except for the early and late Amager varieties. The best cabbage for sauerkraut, these are the varieties Slava, Braunschweig, Moscow, Belorussian. At the same time, it is believed that the best days for sauerkraut are the new moon or the days when the moon grows. Successful and proper sauerkraut at home depends in no small part on the correct proportion of ingredients. It is necessary to correctly calculate how much salt to use for sauerkraut. It is usually assumed that 100 g of salt is taken per 5 kg of cabbage. Sauerkraut in brine occurs, so it is important that it covers cabbage. To do this, it is killed and placed under oppression. Sauerkraut in a barrel has some rules. So, it is important sometimes to make punctures in the caked cabbage so that gases come out. Sauerkraut is fast due to the heating of the brine with sugar. This method can be used when you have little time to sauerise cabbage. Recipes will quickly help you cook sauerkraut, the whole process will take about three days. Another fermentation of cabbage is possible in a quick way - with the help of marinade. Due to its properties, cabbage is also rapidly sauerized. Fermentation recipes are available both for long-term storage in a cool place and for storage at room temperature. In the second case, cabbage sauerkraut is usually used in cans, which are then sterilized and rolled up. A recipe for sauerkraut in jars will help keep your cabbage from peroxidation.

Cabbage and other vegetables are often sautéed together. For example, sauerkraut with apples enriches the taste of sauerkraut. For the same reason, cabbage is sautéed with beets, the latter also gives cabbage a mouth-watering color. If you're used to buying sauerkraut, tomatoes and apples on the market but have never tried fermenting them yourself, be sure to try our recipes. You will very quickly master the sauerkraut, video recipes and recipes with photo step by step will clearly demonstrate this whole simple process.