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Chicken cutlets

Chicken diet patties are a recipe for a delicious meat dish for every day. The recipe for chopped chicken cutlets uses only affordable products, and it takes a little time to prepare chicken cutlets. Chicken meat patties work well for the everyday menu. More details about chicken cutlets... How to make chicken patties? Chopped chicken cutlets are chicken fillet cutlets. The recipe is pretty simple. The minced meat is cooked first. For this, chicken fillet is ground or finely cut - this is how chicken cutlets are prepared in pieces. You can mix minced chicken with another type of meat. One popular option is chicken and beef patties. To keep chicken breast patties tender, the meat is mixed with other components before making chicken patties. Chopped chicken patties with cheese, delicious chicken patties with mushrooms, chicken patties with mayonnaise or Albanian chicken patties are a lot of options. Ministerial chicken cutlets are also chopped chicken cutlets, but in this recipe, the meat is cut into large cubes and mixed with batter. Such cutlets are prepared from chicken with starch or flour. Chopped chicken fillet cutlets are fried in pieces in a pan in oil. Chicken patties are often made in the oven, chicken patties in the slow cooker, and steamed chicken patties. Steamed chicken cutlets are very healthy.