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Cutlets are usually a minced meat product in the form of a cake. The French call the word c & # 244; telette supra meat on the carcass of a pig (c & # 244; te - rib), so the connection of the cutlet with meat is not accidental. But cutlets can be made not only from meat and not only from minced meat. More details about cutlets... Any meat brought to the state of mince is suitable for cutlets, so there are chicken cutlets (chicken cutlets), turkey cutlets, beef cutlets. But the cutlet recipe doesn't have to include an ingredient like meat. There are mince cutlets made from meat offal: these are liver cutlets or liver cutlets. (By the way, it is advisable to cook the recipe Liver cutlets with beef liver, since it has the most beneficial effect on our hemoglobin). Very delicious cutlets - fish cutlets. The most popular fish patties are pike patties. Pike cutlets, the recipe for which you can find on our website, are very similar to stuffed fish in their technology, but making them is much easier. Cooking cutlets is also possible from vegetables. You can cook pure vegetable cutlets. For example, cabbage cutlets (cabbage cutlets), potato cutlets, carrot cutlets. Recipe Carrot patties, recipe Cabbage patties or recipe Potato patties are very suitable for vegetarians or dieters. And finally, the recipe for minced meat cutlets is also not a tough rule, because you can meet chopped cutlets and even cutlets from a whole piece of meat.

Some cutlet recipes have already become legendary. Well, at least a recipe for cutlets in Kyiv, or fire cutlets. Cutlets in Kyiv are even widely known around the world. In fact, these are not even chicken cutlets, but chicken chop with filling. Therefore, Kyiv cutlets are not at all similar to chicken mince cutlets.

Most often, cutlets are fried, but you can cook cutlets in the oven. Steam cutlets also exist. If you feel like steaming patties, you can make patties in a steamer. But no matter how you cook cutlets, the most delicious cutlets are homemade cutlets. Because they have little bread and a lot of love. Although if you ask a competent cook how to make cutlets, he will answer that it is very important to save meat juice. It is for this that a little bread is added to the cutlets.