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Kale cutlets

Lean kale cutlets are a recipe for the unloading menu. So everyone who monitors their health will appreciate the tender, healthy and, importantly, low-calorie cabbage cutlets. Everyone can prepare such cutlets with photos in recipes! More details about cabbage cutlets... Talk about how to make kale cutlets. Most often, white cabbage cutlets and cauliflower cutlets are prepared. The recipe for white cabbage cutlets usually suggests using braised cabbage. Alternatively, raw cabbage cutlets and even sauerkraut cutlets are prepared. Semolina is added, since cabbage cutlets with semolina do not fall apart during cooking. You can cook cutlets only from cabbage or combine the prepared cabbage mass with other products. This is how cabbage and minced meat cutlets, cabbage and cheese cutlets, cabbage and cod cutlets or cabbage and meat cutlets are obtained. Prepared cutlets are fried in a pan or cabbage cutlets are baked in the oven.