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Potato cutlets

Every thrifty hostess knows how to cook potato cutlets. The recipe "mashed potato cutlets" will tell you how to cook an appetizing, delicious, healthy dish. More details about potato cutlets... How to make potato patties? Cooking potato cutlets is simple and will not be difficult. Often such potato cutlets with filling are prepared, for example, potato cutlets with meat, fish and potato cutlets, potato cutlets with minced meat. It is important to remember that the recipe for minced potato cutlets uses pre-fried mince. Lean potato cutlets are also prepared, such as potato cutlets with cheese, carrot-potato cutlets or potato cutlets with mushrooms. The recipe for potato patties with photos will tell you how to make potato patties neat.

Prepared cutlets are fried in a pan. You can bake potato patties in the oven, cook potato patties in a slow cooker or steamed potato patties. Potato cutlets with gravy are served, potato cutlets with mushroom gravy or potato cutlets with mushroom sauce are especially tasty. Mashed potato patties are a recipe for the whole family.