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Cabbage cutlets

Delicious cabbage cutlets are a recipe that can be used both as a separate dish and as a side dish for meat. Everyone can prepare cabbage cutlets, and as a result you will receive an original and appetising dish - diet cabbage cutlets. More details about cabbage cutlets... Few people know how to make cabbage cutlets. Usually prepare cabbage cutlets recipe with semolina. They make cabbage cutlets with semolina so that they keep their shape. Such cutlets are prepared in different ways. These can be skillet cabbage patties, oven cabbage patties, steamed cabbage patties or slow cooker cabbage patties. By the way, the slow cooker produces wonderful cabbage cutlets for children. Both meat and cabbage cutlets and lean cabbage cutlets are prepared. The recipe for lean cabbage cutlets is especially useful in the post. Recipes on our website will tell you how to make cabbage cutlets. Photos will answer questions raised when you cook cabbage cutlets. A recipe with photos and step-by-step instructions is especially useful for culinary beginners.