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Millet porridge

Millet porridge is a recipe very popular in traditional Russian cuisine. Millet porridge on water crumbly, millet milk porridge, lean millet porridge with pumpkin appeared on the table daily. So the question of how to cook millet porridge, and even more so how to cook delicious millet porridge, has been of interest to the hostesses for a long time. More details about millet porridge...How to cook millet porridge correctly? Millet porridge preparation is started with groats preparation. Before boiling crumbly millet porridge, grits must be washed 4-5 times, preferably with hot water. The easiest way to prepare lean millet porridge on the water. The recipe says that millet porridge in a pot is tastier, because millet porridge in the oven is prepared almost like in a stove. Diversifying this dish is millet porridge recipe with pumpkin, millet porridge recipe with meat, millet porridge recipe with mushrooms or fried onions. Another option is milk millet porridge. How to cook millet porridge in this case? Millet porridge on milk - the recipe is tender, suitable for the children's menu. So if you want to find out how to make delicious millet porridge for a child, then millet milk porridge will definitely suit you. Moreover, millet porridge is very easy to cook in a slow cooker, and this saves time and energy. And in general, millet porridge in a slow cooker is a versatile recipe for those who do not yet know how to tasty cook millet porridge.

From the recipes of our website, you will learn how to cook millet porridge with meat and how to cook millet porridge on milk, how to tasty cook millet porridge and how to cook millet porridge correctly. We will offer you recipes such as milk millet porridge (photo in will help you do it correctly), millet porridge on water or even rice-millet porridge in a slow cooker.