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Pea porridge

The benefits of pea porridge are protein and trace elements contained in legumes. How to cook pea porridge? The recipe for making pea porridge will take time. Before boiling pea porridge, peas must be soaked, preferably for a whole night, and then it takes at least an hour to cook porridge. Kitchen assistants help simplify the process: the multicooker pea porridge recipe will save you time. More details about pea porridge... Pea porridge with meat or bacon is very tasty. And lean pea porridge is suitable for a vegetarian menu. So, how to cook pea porridge correctly, how to cook delicious pea porridge? Pea porridge preparation begins with pea soaking. Preparation time can be reduced. To do this, before preparing pea porridge, peas are poured with water with a dissolved pinch of soda. Another simple option is pea porridge in a slow cooker, frying pan. Pea porridge in a slow cooker is a recipe that helps to make porridge without much hassle, because the program monitors the time and temperature regime.

Want to find out how to cook delicious pea porridge or how to make crumbly pea porridge, use the pea porridge recipe with photos and step-by-step instructions! The section of our site "pea porridge recipe with photos" will be able to answer all your questions.