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Drain jam

Plum jam is not one recipe, but a whole family of delicious blends. More details about jam from plums...Plum is a wonderful fruit, it contains vitamins and trace elements necessary for the human body to function normally. Plum has a laxative property. All these qualities are inherent in plum jam. Its use is recommended for people with hypertension, atherosclerosis, diabetes. Try and you make jam from plums, the recipe is simple and understandable. Long-term cooking of fruits with sugar - this is how you get a wonderful simple jam from plums, as well as jam from plums. Difference in raw material preparation, grinding, etc.

Plum jam for the winter is made from fruits of any variety. You can cook delicious jam from yellow plums, jam from red plums, from Hungarian. . . It is important that the fruits have no damage and are free of pests. You can cook them whole or cut them in half. Options for pitted plum jam and pitted plum jam are also possible. In the latter case, the plums are incandescent in several places by toothpick. This will keep the plums intact during cooking, they are better soaked in sugar syrup. The pitted plum jam recipe is most common. A pit-free plum jam is also popular. This, by the way, is an excellent preparation - a jam from the plums for the winter. Small plums should be blanched in boiling water beforehand so that they retain their shape during the cooking process.

The prepared plums, laid in dishes, are covered with sugar and left to lie a little so that they begin to let in the juice. Then the jam is prepared according to the recipe.

There are some tips on how to weld jam from plums:

- plums with a dense skin, you need to blanch for about two minutes. Then immediately put under a stream of cold water. Now they will not burst during the cooking process;

- it is better to use drain varieties, in which the bone is easily separated;

- to preserve the integrity of the plum, they can still be placed for a couple of minutes in a soda solution, after which they can be thoroughly washed;

- for better impregnation of the syrup drain, they must be punctured with a toothpick in several places;

- classic jam is made only from plum and sugar. But you can add nuts, berries, chocolate, cocoa to jam, so you can create a real culinary masterpiece.