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Pear jam

The pear jam recipe usually uses autumn varieties with dense flesh. More details about pear jam... Probably, pears, along with apples, are the most common fruits that most adults and children deservedly love. They have a pleasant taste, good juiciness, and unconditional benefits for the body. Pears are rich in vitamins, have a favorable effect on the digestive system. A proven way to preserve the crop is to harvest fruits for the winter, for example, in the form of jam. Pear jam is not only delicious and healthy, it is versatile. It can be enjoyed during tea drinking, make sandwiches, add to a variety of pastries. Options are enough: pear jam with lemon, apple and pear jam, finally pear jam. There are different recipes for pear jam, recipes for pear jam. Some make simple pear jam, while some like pear jam in wedges.

For jam, we advise you to take varieties with dense flesh, for example, "lemonka, " "duches. " But if you have the proper skill, jam can be made from any fruit. The main thing is that they are not overripe, and the skin remains whole. Especially delicious pear jam for the winter is obtained from late pear varieties.

In any case, with the right and serious attitude to the matter, you will certainly get a wonderful jam of pears for the winter. We offer recipes for this treat on our website in sufficient quantities for every taste.

Better understand how to make jam from pears, tips from experienced culinary experts will help:

- the finished jam should be laid out in sterile glass jars;

- in jam, part of the sugar can be replaced with honey, which is perfectly combined with pears and adds flavor to them. Plus, it's a good way to consume candied honey;

- the pear itself is sweet, you need to be careful with sugar. But if you have sour varieties of fruit, don't save on sugar;

- it is not necessary to wrap the cans after rolling up, this is an extra job for jam;

- if you plan to make pieces of pear in jam whole, then you need to cook the product in three sets of 20 minutes, in the usual case, the jam is cooked once for an hour;

- make the jam best in a copper or aluminum basin. The thick-bottomed saucepan option is also suitable. In such a container, jam will not burn to the bottom. You need to stir the jam with a wooden spatula.