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Orange jam

Orange jam will diversify your traditional jam set. More details about orange jam...
Absolutely natural, fragrant, tasty and fun in color - all this is orange jam. The recipe for orange jam can be chosen based on how much you want it to get, what it should taste like, the consistency, and how much you're going to store it. Orange jam for the winter must be cooked well and rolled into cans. In this case, it will be stored for a long time. And simple and tasty orange jam can be made in just five minutes. Many people believe that such orange jam is the most delicious, because it retains the taste of oranges as much as possible, but it must be stored in the refrigerator. A very fragrant jam is made from orange crusts, which bring fragrant essential oils to the orange jam. But if you don't like mustard, which will be from using orange crusts, you can do without them. So you have a wide choice of how to make a jam out of oranges. In addition, you can add various spices and fruits to orange jam. Photo recipe will show you how to grind oranges correctly. This will make pieces of orange jam. Oranges can also be passed through the meat grinder, such orange jam is usually thicker. Usually orange jam is cooked in a simple saucepan, a more technological approach is orange jam in a slow cooker. You also have a recipe for orange jam with a photo, with which you will see step by step how to make orange jam. So take your laptop to the kitchen, and for the business!