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Plum jam

To make plum jam, you will need very little: plums, sugar and caring hands. More details about plum jam...
Plum jam is not only tasty and beautiful, it is also very healthy. Plums contain many vitamins, minerals, are a rich source of potassium. Plum jam, like plum jam, contains antioxidants that protect the human body from harmful free radicals. It is better to cook plum jam without seeds, however, there are also options and original solutions. Each hostess has her own plum jam, the recipe allows for various deviations and experiments.

You can also cook plum jam for the winter, it is made in various ways: the fruits are whole, in pieces, crushed into mash with a blender. You can cook on the stove or bake in the oven. And also when cooking plum jam or plum jam, the recipe recommends adding cinnamon, zest, vanilla, and even black bitter chocolate.

The most popular and common is still traditional seedless plum jam. You will find a recipe for every taste on our website.

Better understand how to cook plum jam, our tips will help:

- finished jam shall be placed in sterile glass jars;

- it is not necessary to wrap filled cans, this is an extra rule for plum jam;

- if you want to prepare pieces of whole plums into jam, then cook it in three sets for 20 minutes;

- make the jam best in a wide copper or ceramic dish with a thick bottom. In it, the jam will not burn and will not come to the bottom;

- you need to stir the jam with a wooden spoon.