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Sour cream

Sour cream cake cream is one of the easiest. Sour cream cream for a honey worker is a good fit. And the sour cream for the biscuit cake gives the biscuit a special tenderness. More details about sour cream...
How to make sour cream? For example, beat sour cream with sugar. So we get sour cream liquid cream. The recipe for sour cream biscuit will take a little more effort, as the cream mass should not spread. When asked how to make thick sour cream, there is a simple answer - to make sour cream with gelatin. Or before making sour cream for biscuit, compact sour cream in a special way, separating the serum. Then beat the prepared mass with icing sugar to make a thick cream of sour cream. For a biscuit cake with berries, such sour cream cream with light acid is simply indispensable!