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Solyanka meat team

The meat solyanka team is so called, because it has collected a whole set of various products. More details about the solyanka meat team...
Sometimes it seems that the solyanka team is a recipe that has incorporated all the products that are on the table or in the refrigerator. There is no particular wisdom in how to cook beef pickles, the main thing is the sequence of laying products. Here you have meat, and sausage, and salted cucumbers, and capers, and vegetables, all this is the meat pickle team. The recipe for salted meat can differ slightly in the set of products. In any case, meat solyanka, a recipe that is prepared on meat broth with the addition of sausage or smoked meats, olives and lemon. But potatoes do not necessarily contain meat pickles. The recipe with the photo will not only tell you how to cook the beef salt team, but also show how to cook the meat salt so that it becomes the first meal on duty in your family.