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Solyanka is a thick soup, the recipe of which provides for its preparation on a cool meat, fish or mushroom broth. Varieties of solyanka are so thick that some do not attribute them to the first dishes, but to the second. In addition, sauerkraut with various fillers is also called solyanka. Solyanka is a characteristic dish of Russian cuisine, and the phrase "prefabricated solyanka" in Russian even became an idiom denoting a mixture of the most diverse ingredients. More details about the solyanka...The name "solyanka" came from the name of the dish "selyanka" - a characteristic rural meal. The recipe for solyanka, or rather, selyanka, was simple: the remains of various products were mixed by the villagers in a cauldron, and cooked. So the recipe for salted beef of the meat team was born. Over time, the solyanka changed, became a popular restaurant dish. The recipe for cooking solyanka acquired a classic formula. Today, any cook will tell you how to cook a pickle, how every experienced hostess knows how to cook a pickle. Cooking pickles is both simple and complex. How to cook and how to cook pickles? First, you need to prepare the ingredients of solyanka, and then "collect" it. The recipe for pickles of the national team, aka the recipe for classic pickles, necessarily includes at least four varieties of meat or meat products: boiled meat, fried meat, sausages, sausages, etc. Then there are pickled mushrooms, pickled or salted cucumbers, onions and carrots, tomato paste, olives. Solyanka is served with lemon and a spoon of sour cream. But the recipe for meat pickle is not the only one. Depending on what you add to the pickle, you will get a recipe for fish pickle, a recipe for sausage pickle, a recipe for cabbage pickle, a recipe for mushroom pickle, a recipe for vegetable pickle, a recipe for Georgian pickle, a recipe for homemade pickle.