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Cabbage solyanka

The recipe for cabbage pickle is often controversial. After all, two completely different dishes are hidden under this name: cabbage solyanka soup and a second dish of cabbage stewed with meat or mushrooms. More details about salted cabbage... How to make salted cabbage? There is sauerkraut solyanka, aka sour cabbage solyanka or salted cabbage solyanka. Sauerkraut solyanka is a spicy, sour recipe. There's also a recipe for fresh cabbage pickle. Solyanka with fresh cabbage is more delicate, with a sweet taste. Solyanka "stewed cabbage" is a hot dish, especially popular in winter. To cook it, the cabbage is stewed with meat. So it turns out cabbage solyanka with pork, cabbage solyanka with chicken. Pickle with mushrooms and cabbage is a pickle with sauerkraut, the recipe of which is traditionally used in fasting. How to make a salted cabbage for the first time? Cooking salted cabbage is not a tricky thing. Solyanka recipe from cabbage is made from the simplest products. Delicious cabbage pickles with sausage, cabbage pickles with meat or sausage cabbage pickles cook quickly, which is important for those who value their time.