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Lamb shurpa

The recipe for "Lamb Shurpa" has been hugely popular in the East for more than a hundred years. Traditionally, lamb shurpa is boiled in Kazan, especially delicious is lamb shurpa at the stake. Making a lamb shurpa will take time, but the result will exceed your expectations. More details about the mutton shurpa...
Many believe that lamb shurpa is an Uzbek recipe, although every mistress of Central Asia knows how to cook lamb shurpa. The recipe for making mutton shurpa is also known in the Middle East, Moldova, the Balkans. . . And each country has its own answer to the question of how to make a lamb shurpa. In some regions, meat and vegetables are roasted before making mutton shurpa and then stewed in a small amount of liquid. The traditional Uzbek mutton shurpa is a thick soup with vegetables in clear broth. Modern hostesses will also appreciate the recipe "Shurpa from lamb in a slow cooker, " this method of cooking saves strength and time.