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Shurpa is a soup whose recipe comes from the East. Shurpa refers to filling soups, has many analogues and various names. Usually shurpa is lamb soup. How to cook shurpa correctly? More details about the pit...The recipe for shurpa has distinctive features: shurpa should be fatty, which is most often achieved by pre-frying meat and vegetables; there should be a lot of vegetables, herbs and spices in the pit. And especially note that any shurpa, the recipe for the preparation of which you will find, will only benefit if you add fruit to it - fresh or dried.

The preparation of shurpa in almost every Asian country has its own characteristics. When asked how to cook shurpa, in different countries you will receive a different answer. Shurpa in Uzbek is sure to cook with zira and basil. By the way, there are two types of mutton shurpa in Uzbek: kainatma - raw meat shurpa, and kovurma - fried meat shurpa. In Moldova, a shurpa, or chorba, is prepared on kvass and with a large number of paprika. And Shurp's Tatar lamb recipe features clear broth, noodles and chopped fresh onions.

As we have already noted, the traditional, classic shurpa is lamb shurpa. But there are also beef shurpa, chicken shurpa, fish shurpa, and even pork shurpa. Chicken shurpa recipe and beef shurpa recipe are probably even more popular with housewives because shurpa soup is less fatty. For those who are interested in how to cook a shurpa not only tasty, but also beautiful, we add that it is good to put ground red pepper in the shurpa. And you get a shurpa, the recipe with a photo of which will decorate any exhibition of food photos.

And finally, if you are interested in how to make lamb shurpa, you do not have to go somewhere in Central Asia. Take advantage of our recipes and let it taste good for you!