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Brine with rice

Rice pickle has gained distribution due to the speed of cooking and the delicate taste of rice. More details about brine with rice... Rice pickle is a recipe that can be made on both bone meat and chicken. Brine soup with rice is good because rice does not need to be soaked, but can simply be washed. Therefore, the classic pickle with rice is prepared faster. So, let's talk about how to make brine with rice. For brine with rice, you can use meat offal. Drain the first meat water and then cook the brine broth with rice for about an hour. We sauté onions, carrots and grated salted cucumbers. If you are interested in how to cook brine with rice so that the cucumbers do not turn out to be hard, then remove the skin from them. Then add rice, toast, and then potatoes to the broth. When the potatoes are ready, add fresh greens and garlic to the brine with rice. That's all the wisdom of how to cook brine with rice.