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Brassolnik is the first dish of Russian cuisine, a soup whose recipe is based on salted cucumbers or cucumber brine. Interestingly, a pickle in Russia was called a pie for a long time. More details about brine...According to historians, in the notebook of N. V. Gogol it was written: "Russolnik is a pie with chicken, buckwheat porridge, brine and chopped eggs are poured into the filling. " Gogol then used this recipe for pickle in "Dead Souls": the stained landowner Korobochka, among other food supplies, drove a pickle pie in her carriage. But the prototype of modern classical brine soup is considered to be kalya soup, which has long been prepared in Russia. Kalya is a fish or meat soup boiled on cucumber brine, lemon juice, cabbage brine, sometimes with kvass added. The cali recipe has changed, the name has changed to a more understandable one - brine, i. e. prepared on brine. But the very essence of how to cook brine remained the same.

Brine soup can be meaty, vegetarian and mushroom. Meat brine is boiled both from meat (including poultry meat, for example - brine with chicken) and from meat offal: brine with kidneys, hearts, bird giblets, even brine with sausage. Pickle is prepared with vegetables such as potatoes, cabbage, carrots, pickle with tomato is less common. Vegetable brine may also include turnips, radishes, etc. , root crops. Pickle with pearl barley and pickle with rice are the most common recipes. Brine is classic - with barley. The recipe for pickle with pearl barley is otherwise called Leningrad pickle. But in the pickle house and in the pickle Moscow barley is usually not put. The recipe for brine with chicken, aka Moscow brine, provides for the preparation of brine on chicken broth, it is cooked with boiled chicken. If you still get lost in guessing how to cook brine with poultry, take the advice of French chefs - use duck meat and duck giblets.

And finally, the calorie content of the brine varies from 50 to 230 Kcal - depending on the ingredients and recipe of the brine. So how to cook brine is not only a matter of taste, but also of skill. But if you learn how to cook this simple and delicious first course, it will help you out many times and become a reliable number of your culinary repertoire.

How to cook brine: our tips

If you cook brine soup with potatoes, put pickles at the very end of cooking, otherwise the potatoes will become tough.

If the soup is not saturated enough, add the boiled cucumber brine to it.

How to cook brine with rice. Classic pickle with rice will be transparent if you put the scrambled and washed rice in boiling water for 3-5 minutes before cooking, and then roll it onto a sieve

Delicious brine - brine with pickled cucumbers.

Salted cucumbers can be replaced with salted cucumbers.

The recipe for making brine can contain not only barley. Barley can be replaced with chicken, buckwheat.

How to make pickle with pearl barley. The pearl barley, prepared as follows, gives good taste and color. Rinse the pearl barley well in warm water, roll on a sieve, fry in oil until golden. You need to cook right in the broth. As a result of this treatment, the cooking time is also reduced.

Do not serve the finished dish right away - he, like most dressing soups, is better off infusing a little and "walking. "

It is better not to salt pickle at all, but to add more brine to it.

We wish you good luck and do not forget to post a photo of the pickle of your production on our website, after all, we also want to rejoice at your successes.