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Green borscht

Green borscht is a recipe for meat soup with sorrel, hence the sour taste of green borscht. More details about green borscht...
Sometimes you really want some appetising soup, in this case, cook green borscht with sorrel. A recipe for green borscht will be a good choice. If you like boiling sour soups, you will undoubtedly like green borscht. The sorrel recipe allows you to cook a real sour green borscht. The recipe with the photo will also show how beautifully you can serve green borscht. Green borscht with sorrel resembles little ordinary borscht. The recipe for green borscht does not contain roasts, all vegetables are simply boiled in broth. In a nutshell, how to cook green borscht. First, cook the broth, then add potatoes, sorrel, herbs and eggs to it. At the end, we also add a little lard or butter. We wait 20 minutes for the green borscht to insist. And do not forget about sour cream, without it you will not get real green borscht. That's it, now you know how to cook green borscht. But there are some tricks on how to make green borscht tasty. If the green sorrel borscht is not sour enough, then add a tablespoon of vinegar to it.