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Borsch is the first dish, a special variety of soup. If you are interested in questions: borscht, borscht recipe, borscht recipe with photos, how to cook borscht, how to cook borscht,how to cook borscht, how to cook borscht, cooking borscht,recipe for cooking borscht, delicious borscht recipe, borscht with beets, here you will receive hundreds of answers to them. After all, borschts are different.More about borscht...Classic borscht (red borscht) is a famous beetroot soup that the peoples of eastern and central Europe can rightfully be proud of. Borsch with beets has a particularly ancient history in Ukraine, so it is often called Ukrainian borscht. But there is also borscht Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, Kuban, Moscow and even Siberian. And they cook it differently in each individual region, and even with options: meat, lean, and in summer cold borscht, which is often called cold, beetroot. . . The main thing unites - wherever borscht is prepared, it belongs to the most favorite culinary dishes. And the ability to deliciously cook real borscht in these parts is considered one of the main virtues of a woman, almost not yielding to beauty and kindness. Therefore, the preparation of borscht is a kind of sacrament, and borscht itself for the Slavs is one of the main aphrodisiacs. Tasty word - borscht!

Green borscht is an oxalic soup, also a dish of national cuisines in eastern Europe. Green borscht is not a type of classic borscht, has a completely different recipe and a completely different color - green. It comes from sorrel and other green ingredients.

Tips for cooking borscht:

To make borscht thick, cook one whole potato in it. When the borscht is ready, get it out, mash it well and return it to the borscht.

When boiling beets, its color and the color of its decoction are muted. To make borscht a juicy bright color, put about a quarter of the beets crushed for borscht in a bowl, pour boiling water and leave for at least 20 minutes. When the borscht has already been removed from the heat, squeeze the beets and pour the resulting juice into the borscht.

To improve the taste of borscht, it is recommended to take a piece of good lard to rub it with salt and garlic, add the resulting mixture to almost finished borscht.

Do not serve borscht immediately after the cooking is completed! Let borscht brew for at least about an hour.

There is more. If you cook borscht according to our recipes and you manage to cook delicious borscht, take a photo of your borscht and place it under the recipe - treat everyone with your borscht. Let everyone learn how to cook delicious borscht!