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The recipe for dumplings - Ukrainian dough dishes with filling - has doubles around the world. Dumplings, manti, sorcerers, ravioli, khinkali are close relatives of dumplings. But the most delicious dumplings are Ukrainian. Dumplings with cottage cheese, dumplings with potatoes, dumplings with cherries are their best representatives. Read more about dumplings... The recipe for dumpling dough is very important. Dumplings on kefir and eggs added to the dough are especially tender and lush. Lean dough for dumplings from flour, salt and water is rolled thin, filling for lean dumplings is made from vegetables or mushrooms, the calorie content of dumplings prepared according to such recipes is not so high. Those who are not afraid of excess weight can be offered dumplings with meat, dumplings with butter and sour cream. Dumplings with mushrooms and potatoes, dumplings with cabbage, dumplings with liver, sweet dumplings with strawberries, and pumpkin have many fans. Cooking dumplings is a laborious process, but lazy dumplings can also be made. We offer you hundreds of recipes for cooking dumplings. Send us photos of dumplings made with these recipes - and we'll rejoice in dumplings with you.