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Pies are a baked or fried pastry dish with a filling. The dough can be different - yeast, biscuit, puff, sand, grated... Pies are open when the filling lies on top of the dough, and closed when the filling is completely inside the dough. There are many varieties of pies: kulebyaka, kurnik, sweet pies, chapilg, kish, biscuit, cheesecake, strudel, carpet, cake, mannik, taten, cheesecake, grandmother... If you're looking for: pies recipes with photos, simple pie recipe, sweet pies, delicious pie, simple pie, how to make a pie, how to bake a pie - there are more than three and a half thousand pie recipes at your service on our website. Among them there is also a very tasty pie - a recipe for you! If you make a pie according to our recipe, take a photo of your pie and post a photo under the recipe - treat everyone to your pie. Let everyone learn how to cook a delicious pie!