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Pizza is an open cake in the form of a cake covered with fillings, primarily melted cheese. One of the most popular dishes in the world, the Italian national dish. In order to make a delicious pizza, you need a good recipe for pizza dough and a pizza filling recipe. There are more than five hundred pizza recipes on our website, many pizza recipes with photos. We hope that you will make a delicious pizza and treat our readers to her photo. More about pizza...How to make pizza and dough for it? The preparation of pizza, of course, should be started with the preparation of dough. Pizza dough comes in several ways. On our website, you can find the following pizza dough recipes: kefir pizza dough, yeast pizza dough, yeast-free pizza dough, puff dough pizza, thin pizza dough, fast pizza dough.

How to make pizza at home? Cooking pizza at home is easiest according to such common recipes as: pizza with sausage, pizza with sausage and cheese, pizza with mushrooms, chicken pizza (recipes with photos will show what a ready-made dish looks like).

Homemade pizza recipes have a variety of cooking options. The recipe for pizza at home can change depending on what foods you have on hand. How do you make pizza really tasty? You can experiment with different products, adding something new and excluding something that didn't taste good. Homemade pizza can have a very simple recipe for cooking, such as, for example, pizza in a pan.

The recipe for pizza without yeast and the recipe for pizza with sausage also differ in the speed of preparation. Pizza at home will delight you with its taste and originality.

Pizza, the recipe for which excludes meat, is called vegetarian. Despite the fact that only vegetables and cheese are used for cooking, a very nutritious pizza is obtained. There is a recipe for its preparation on our website.