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Uzbek cuisine

Uzbek cuisine is the richest treasury of cuisine in Central Asia. The mixing of the culinary traditions of the Persians and Turks, as well as the advantageous position at the intersection of trade routes, made the recipes of Uzbek cuisine very diverse both in terms of products and methods of preparation. More details about Uzbek cuisine...
Uzbek cuisine is popular all over the world. It should be noted that it is not for nothing that many people like Uzbek cuisine so much, the recipes of Uzbek cuisine are very homemade, in fact they do not require any extraordinary products. But you can't do without Asian spices to prepare Uzbek dishes, Uzbek recipes are really often used. Shurpa, manti, chuchvara, samsa - all this is Uzbek cuisine. Lagman is another popular dish of Uzbek cuisine. But usually speaking about Uzbek cuisine, first of all, we remember the famous Uzbek pilaf. Uzbek salads, meanwhile, are also worthy of attention. Uzbek cuisine is very fatty, many dishes of Uzbek cuisine are prepared in cotton oil, Kurdish fat, so vegetables will be simply necessary. One of the most famous Uzbek salads is achchik-chuchuk. Dough products, especially various tortillas, are also rich in Uzbek cuisine. Recipes with photos of all stages of preparation of famous Uzbek dishes

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