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Ukrainian cuisine

Ukrainian cuisine perfectly fulfills the main task of any national cuisine: to surprise and feed. More details about Ukrainian cuisine...
Many of us literally absorbed the recipes of Ukrainian cuisine with mother's milk, because our mothers ate the dishes of Ukrainian cuisine, and before them - the mothers of our mothers. Ukrainian national cuisine reflects the character of this people: it is generous, loves everything more, and thinks little about the figure. Look at our dishes of Ukrainian cuisine with photo recipes, and you yourself will be sure of this. Features of Ukrainian cuisine, this is the widespread use of pork, vegetables such as tomatoes, eggplant, onions, wheat flour products. Two main ways to prepare dishes of Ukrainian cuisine are baking and boiling. Several stages can be distinguished when Ukrainian cuisine was formed. Recipes for Ukrainian cuisine developed gradually, from Kievan Rus to the 18th and 19th centuries, when the most important products for it came to Ukrainian cuisine - tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, corn, sunflower. Without these products, it is difficult to imagine Ukrainian cuisine today. The pillars of Ukrainian cuisine are borscht, dumplings, galushki, sichenik, zrazy. Ukrainian cuisine also offers us a large amount of delicious pastries (pampushki, verguns, pies and pies). Recipes with photos of all these goodies will show how to cook them correctly.