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Turkish cuisine

Turkish cuisine began as the cuisine of nomadic Turkic peoples, but was then enriched by the influence of Byzantine, Indian, Mediterranean cuisines. More details about Turkish cuisine...
Kebab, baklava, lukum, dolma - all these are widely known dishes of Turkish cuisine. It should be noted that Turkish cuisine uses food and is prepared in accordance with the rules of Islam. The virtues of Turkish cuisine helped her conquer the whole world. Who today did not try Turkish pilaf, kebab or deneur kebab (shawermu)? Turkish cuisine is rich and delicious flour products. Meat dishes of Turkish cuisine are balanced with vegetables. But Turkish cuisine is especially famous for sweets. Recipes for onions, baklava and other desserts of Turkish cuisine will help prepare them at home, and of course they will be much tastier than purchased ones. And many other equally original and delicious dishes offer Turkish cuisine. Recipes with photo preparation of Turkish cuisine will help you to prepare them without any problems. When you enjoy Turkish cuisine, be sure to wash down your food with real Turkish coffee or a shot of fragrant milk raka.