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Thai cuisine

Thai cuisine is the cuisine of the population of Thailand. Initially, rather simple Thai dishes were attacked by Chinese, Japanese and cuisines of European colonizers. More details about Thai cuisine...
As a result of a tourist pilgrimage to Thailand, exotic Thai cuisine opened up in front of many of our compatriots. Thai recipes, of course, are unusual for us, but sometimes you really want something like that. In this case, Thai cuisine and Thai cuisine will help you. Thai recipes are quite spicy, they are characterized by the use of chili peppers, garlic and ginger. The basis of Thai cuisine is rice.

Thai cuisine uses many varieties of rice, prepares it in various ways. Also in Thai cuisine, noodles are very common. Rice and noodles are eaten necessarily with sauce. Thai dishes are prepared mainly with seafood or chicken. Thai cuisine

famous for its soups - spicy, somewhat unusual for us. The most common way to prepare Thai dishes is to fry wok in a deep frying pan. So if you are interested in exotic, you liked some dish in a Thai restaurant, you should try making a Thai dish. Thai cuisine will help surprise guests or please you, recipes with photos will help you best in this matter.