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Tatar cuisine

Tatar cuisine has developed on the basis of the culinary traditions of the Khazars, Volga Bulgars, Mongol-Tatars and the peoples of Central Asia. More details about Tatar cuisine...
Do not assume that the cuisine of nomadic peoples is Tatar cuisine. Meat recipes are made from lamb, beef, horse meat. Tatars have long grown vegetables and cereals, Tatar national cuisine uses them widely. Tatar cuisine is characterized by porridge, potato dishes. Tatar cuisine is fatty, often using melted butter. Also, Tatar cuisine contains a lot of dough products. Kystyby is one of them, it is a fresh tortilla with potato or other filling. Tatar cuisine is famous for this dish, baking is generally very diverse. Dough in Tatar cuisine is prepared both simple and optional. Dessert recipes in Tatar cuisine often use honey, which has long been mined in Tatarstan. There are many recipes for sweets, they are also rich in Tatar cuisine. Chuck chuck is a traditional roasted dough wedding dessert.

Try to cook some Tatar dish, and you will not regret it. We are sure that you will enjoy Tatar cuisine. Recipes with photos, or simple recipes of Tatar cuisine will reveal before you all the secrets of Tatar cuisine.