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The sandwich, a simple German "bread and butter," became the basis of a variety of recipes and the most popular snack. Every day, many people look for sandwiches recipes with photos, recipes for sandwiches in haste, sandwiches cheap, canape sandwiches, delicious sandwiches recipes... Our website has three and a half thousand recipes for sandwiches, many recipes for sandwiches with photos.More on sandwiches... Almost daily, we all make a variety of sandwich recipes: simple sausage and pate sandwiches, ham and chicken sandwiches, cheese and spritz sandwiches, sprat and sprat sandwiches, healthy and cheap light vegetable sandwiches, lean mushroom sandwiches. Over the holidays, we will prepare delicious and beautiful festive sandwiches with red and black caviar, sandwiches with red fish, sandwiches with cod liver, with salmon, sandwiches with tongue, creative sandwiches with avocado, shrimp, pineapples. Sandwiches can be quickly prepared and conveniently taken on the road. In addition to traditional sandwich recipes, new original sandwich recipes are constantly emerging. A separate topic is toast, sandwiches with toasted bread. Hot sandwiches and cold sandwiches, small snack canape sandwiches, beautiful holiday sandwiches and simple sandwiches in haste, funny baby sandwiches and sophisticated caviar sandwiches, open sandwiches and closed sandwiches sandwiches are far from all types of sandwiches, the preparation of which is described in thousands of recipes and photos on our website.

There is more. If you make a sandwich according to our recipe, place a photo of the sandwich under the recipe - treat everyone! Recipes for photo sandwiches are much clearer. Let everyone learn how to cook a delicious sandwich!