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Drying products protects them from damage, helps us stock up on seasonal food for future use. Dried products also largely retain the benefits of fresh ones. More details about drying... Almost any product can be dried, but sometimes this is possible only with special equipment. Therefore, we are primarily interested in drying at home. This refers to drying mushrooms, drying berries, drying fruits, drying vegetables. Dried fruits are especially popular. According to certain parameters, they can be even healthier than fresh fruits. They can also be used as a tasty ingredient to make a variety of dishes. If you have a lot of fresh fruit, you will probably be interested in drying plums, drying apricots, drying grapes (drying raisins), drying apples, dried cherries. Drying will help you also prepare more exotic fruits for future use, if you look at how to dry an orange, how to dry a lemon. And when you learn how to dry apples, you can be calm for the dried fruit compote. Vegetables can also be dried. Tomato drying is often practiced, you can see how to dry the pumpkin. A separate topic is how to dry mushrooms. Dried mushrooms are even more fragrant than fresh mushrooms, and their taste is more saturated. As in other cases, drying in the oven, drying in an aerogrile, drying in a dryer is used for this. Anglers are more interested in the topic of drying fish. Lucky anglers, of course. Dried or cured fish are beloved by many. But there are secrets to how to dry fish correctly. For example, how to dry pike tasty, has its own features drying or drying perch. Dried fish - not necessarily brought to a mummified state, you can dry fresh and immediately use it with a side dish, there is also such a recipe. Even drying meat is possible at home. So choose recipes and see how to dry meat and many other foods at home.