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Urination can be done simply with brine, brine with sugar and even kvass. More details about urination... Urination is based on keeping vegetables and fruits in special spicy water. Fermentation occurs in it, after which the products have an acidic taste with gazics. As spices, blackcurrant leaves, cherries, mint, thyme, basil, mountain ash berries and others, as well as cinnamon, anise are used. There are pears, lingonberry, and peeled grapes, but apple urination is most often practiced. Urination recipes are divided into simple urination, sour and sweet. A simple recipe for urinating apples is based on urinating in cold salt solution. Apples are transferred with pure straw, leaves, after which they are poured with salt water and pressed with oppression. Periodically, the brine is topped up because the apples absorb it well. For several days they are kept at room temperature, and then taken to the cellar. It takes about a month for apples to urinate at home, after which they are ready to eat. Apple urination is often found in cabbage, because simple urination resembles sauerkraut, and moreover, if you harvest these products together, this will have a beneficial effect on their taste. The urination of apples in a jar and the urination of apples in a barrel differ little. It's all about the proportions of the main ingredients. Sweet urination occurs with the addition of sugar to the hydrochloric solution, there is also urination of apples with honey. It is usually recommended to urinate antonovka apples. This variety is distinguished by its strength, as well as special taste, so many choose antonovka urination. A recipe with Antonovka guarantees you the receipt of real urinated apples. Antonovka urination is carried out according to the same principles as other winter apple varieties. By the way, Anis, Saffron, Slavyanka and Titovka are also suitable varieties of apples for urination. Urination of apples with rye flour is sometimes called urination in malt infusion. This method resembles methods of urinating apples in kvass. Urination of apples for the winter is possible by any of these methods.