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Preservation, or canning, helps to preserve your favorite fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and other products for a long time. More details about conservation, or canning... Home preservation is always tastier than shopping. For some, conservation for the winter even became a certain hobby. Not to mention the fact that preserving vegetables, preserving fruits, preserving berries, preserving mushrooms, significantly saves the family budget. Home canning is also good because you can be sure of the quality of the product. Preservation recipes for the winter use various methods of preservation. Methods of preservation with the help of sugar, salt, marinade do not allow microorganisms to develop in products. For this, in fact, conservation is needed. Canning recipes depend on which fruit, berry or vegetable you have to deal with. One type of conservation is juice canning. Proper canning of vegetables and canning of fruits preserves a maximum of vitamins and trace elements in them. Canning at home will require you to have a minimum set of kitchen supplies.