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Sote - this type of dish takes its name from the French word "sauter" - to jump. This name comes from the cooking method. The products are fried or pre-fried in a sauté pan or frying pan with a sharp "shake" that results in the products being turned over and mixed. The most popular recipes are vegetable honeycomb - recipes for eggplant honeycomb, zucchini honeycomb, but there are also honeycomb from vegetables of various kinds. Meat honeycombs are also prepared, for example, veal honeycomb, chicken honeycomb, fish - cod honeycomb, walleye honeycomb, flounder and others. Conservation of vegetable honeycomb has become widespread - a wonderful type of blends for the winter. There is also sauce in the honeycomb. Note that sometimes they write the name sote as sote or sate.