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Vegetable stew

The recipe for vegetable stew is popular in different countries. And this popularity is well-deserved, because the dish vegetable stew is tasty, tender and does not require special culinary skills. Make your favourite vegetable stew for children and adults. More details about vegetable stew...
How to make vegetable stew? A recipe with a photo is the first assistant in this matter. Lean vegetable stew is very popular. For example, vegetable stew with mushrooms, French vegetable stew (recipe with zucchini), vegetable stew with pumpkin, vegetable stew with beans, vegetable stew with rice, vegetable stew with beets. Vegetable stew with meat is also prepared. Before making a vegetable stew with pork or a vegetable stew with beef, the meat is cut and fried. Cooking a vegetable stew in this case will take longer, but as a result you will get a hearty dish. Very delicious recipe vegetable stew in the oven. A photo of this dish, just like a vegetable stew in pots, will not leave anyone indifferent. Vegetable stew is also prepared in a pressure cooker or vegetable stew in a steamer (vegetable diet stew). It is even easier to prepare vegetable stew in a slow cooker. Recipes for our site will tell you how to cook vegetable stew in a slow cooker. Photos and videos "vegetable stew" will help answer all questions, as well as the section of our site "vegetable stew recipe step-by-step. "