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Sweet pilaf

Sweet pilaf is a recipe for an unusual dish. Sweet pilaf with dried fruits, the recipe of which we offer you, is especially popular in Central Asia. Traditionally, sweet pilaf with raisins and sweet pilaf kuragoy are prepared. The preparation of sweet pilaf is not difficult, but requires compliance with certain rules. More details about sweet pilaf... Sweet pilaf are different. How to cook sweet pilaf, how to cook sweet pilaf? A recipe with a photo will help you answer all your questions. To make Armenian sweet pilaf, rice is brought to semi-readiness, and then mixed with prepared dried fruits and languished on low heat until tender. And when sweet pilaf is prepared in Azerbaijani, rice and dried fruits are stewed separately from each other until they are ready. Sweet rice with raisins is a recipe for a wonderful side dish for meat or chicken. A sweet pilaf recipe with raisins or a sweet pilaf recipe with dried fruits can be adapted to modern conditions, for example. you can cook sweet pilaf in a slow cooker.