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Lamb pilaf

A real lamb pilaf - the recipe is very ancient, the preparation of lamb pilaf has a centuries-old history. More details about lamb pilaf...
How to cook lamb pilaf? A step-by-step recipe will help to cook a tasty pilaf with lamb. The recipe with the photo will tell you how to serve pilaf. The recipe for making pilaf with lamb is simple, but requires some rules. Before preparing a pilaf of lamb at the stake, which is how the most traditional pilaf with Uzbek lamb is prepared, meat and roots must be cut and fried. At home, a lamb pilaf is prepared in Kazan with thick walls or a lamb pilaf in a slow cooker. Those who want to make pilaf dietetic make lamb pilaf in a steamer. The sections of lamb pilaf photos and lamb pilaf videos will help even novice cooks prepare a tasty and fragrant pilaf.