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Filling is necessary for a wide variety of dishes. These are dough products, meat dishes, cold and hot snacks. More details about the filling... Putting another product inside one product, stuffing it - a simple and ingenious idea. This way you can combine different tastes, make dishes more interesting and satisfying. However, before doing this, the filling must be prepared. Preparation of fillings can boil down to very simple operations, and require a certain skill from the cook. Rarely when you can buy finished filling, well, perhaps minced meat or seen, so homemade filling is usually prepared. Where the filling is not used, there is a filling for pies, a filling for pita bread, a filling for tartlets, a filling for pizza, a filling for pancakes, a filling for cake, fillings for rolls. Tasty fillings rarely when you can cook at random or from memory, or rather read the recipe for the filling, or see how to make the filling according to a photo recipe.

What filling do you need? There are sweet fillings, for example, chocolate filling, curd filling, apple filling. Such fillings are often used when they want to prepare a filled dough (filling for yeast dough, filling for puff dough). But the filling for the dough may not be sweet, it is a cabbage filling, stuffing filling, chicken filling, cottage cheese filling, meat filling, cheese filling. Pies and pies with such fillings are satisfying and fragrant. A separate topic is snacks with different fillings. You can start, again, dough products, eggs. Simple stuffing for eggs, stuffing for pita bread - recipes that are always in demand. The filling can also be placed in products such as vegetables and meat, for example, in a meat roll. Popular and tasty stuffing for meat is cheese, mushrooms, onions. And if you want to make delicious baked poultry, watch how to make a filling for chicken, duck or goose. It is worth remembering stuffed vegetables, fillings are also used to prepare them. Photo recipes will reveal a variety of dishes.