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By right, rabbit is considered the most tender and dietetic meat. The recipe will tell you what can be made from a rabbit and how to cook a rabbit quickly and tasty. More details about the rabbit... So, what kind of rabbit dishes can you make? Recipes are varied, because cooking a rabbit at home is used by many of the world's national cuisines. The main question is how to cook a rabbit properly. Namely, how to cook a rabbit so that the meat is soft, because this is what the rabbit is valued for. Cooking recipes with photos describe what to cook from a rabbit, recipes with photos will tell you how tasty to cook a rabbit. Recipes with photos, in addition, step by step will tell how to cook rabbit meat so that it not only becomes tasty, but also remains dietary. Be sure to cook rabbit dishes! A recipe with photos and step-by-step instructions even for a novice cook will help you understand how to cook a rabbit, recipes from our site will help you choose the right option.