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Beefsteak - beef (beef) and steak (piece) - a dish of fried beef. As the name itself suggests, traditionally the preparation of beefsteak comes from beef. More details about the steak... Beef steak is the right steak. However, today pork steak is no less popular. Of course, not only the British or Americans know how to prepare a steak. Almost every national cuisine has its own analogue of beefsteak. In Italy, for example, it is a Florentine steak. Very interesting and extraordinary is the Tatar steak, which is made from ground beef and served on the table without heat treatment. But, of course, the meat for such a beefsteak should be of very high quality.

Despite the fact that initially the steak was prepared from a whole piece of meat, there is a chopped steak and even a minced steak. For example, a steak chopped with an egg or just a steak with an egg. If you decide to make chopped steak, the recipe resembles a cutlet recipe. But the steak is prepared without bread and you need to hammer the meat for the steak on a meat grinder with a large grill.

Depending on which beefsteak you prefer, the recipe may contain different roasting times for the meat. In European restaurants, steaks are usually distinguished: steak with blood (rare), steak not fried (medium rare), medium steak, almost fried steak (medium well), and fried steak (well done). Now that you're asked how to make a beefsteak, you certainly won't be lost.