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Turtle cake

Turtle cake is a classic recipe. The delicate cake "Turtle" with sour cream and chocolate glaze especially appeals to children. More details about the turtle cake...
How do I make a turtle cake? A step-by-step recipe for making such a cake is especially useful. The success of this dessert largely depends on the design. Therefore, when making the Turtle cake, the photo instructions are indispensable. Most often, turtle cake is a recipe with sour cream, biscuit cakes and chocolate fudge. Another option is the Emerald Turtle cake. Kiwi circles are used for its design. And there is also a fast turtle cake - it is formed using slices of ready-made biscuit rolls. Whichever option you choose, you end up with a wonderful, mouth-melting Turtle cake. A recipe with a photo will help if you have questions in the process.