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Raspberry jam coffee cake

1 serving

Dough preparation: beat the egg whites into a strong foam, adding sugar in small portions, gently mix with the yolks, add flour, starch, grated zest and lemon juice and mix everything thoroughly. Pour the resulting mass into a cake tin greased with butter, sprinkled with ground crumbs and bake in the oven at moderate temperature for 30 minutes. Cut the baked and cooled cake into 3 parts horizontally, pour sweet black coffee over each and spray with rum essence. Spread one cake with raspberry jam, the second - filling, cover with the third, pour coffee glaze, decorate with nuts in chocolate and cream. Instead of raspberry jam, cherry jam can also be used.

vanilla to taste, lemon - 0.5 pcs., sugar - 300 g, potato starch - 50 g, eggs - 12 pcs., natural coffee - 100 g, rum essence to taste